CEFTA Additional Protocol 5

Additional Protocol 5 to the CEFTA Agreement provides a closer definition of the set of rules referred to in Articles 14.4, 12, and 13 of the CEFTA Agreement. Additional Protocol 5 is a regional framework for CEFTA parties that envisages improvements to risk management systems of all border control bodies by introducing electronic exchange of data and enhancing transparency beyond what is required by basic WTO standards. Additional Protocol 5 is composed of three mutually interlinked pillars:

  • Exchange of data by means of electronic instruments: regional and bilateral exchange of data between customs authorities as part of SEED and SEED+; regional and bilateral exchange of data between other border control bodies (SEED+ and TRACES); exchange of data at the national level between customs authorities and other border control bodies;
  • Enhancement of risk assessment systems through electronic exchange of data, creation of regional risk profiles, and trade facilitation for low-risk profiles; and
  • Mutual recognition of documents.

Additional Protocol 5 also envisages other regional trade facilitation measures, with particular emphasis on the availability of information and greater transparency, as well as Category A measures identified by assessments of compliance with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement for CEFTA parties.

CEFTA Additional Protocol 5

During September 2018, the Law amending the Free Trade Agreement with EFTA countries has been ratified, harmonizing provisions of this agreement in the part relating to trade facilitation with the rules and requirements of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation of the World Trade Organization, in accordance with the decision of the Joint Committee of the EFTA States and the Republic of Serbia.

Law on Amendment of FTA EFTA