The NTFB meets as and when required, and at a minimum twice every year.

The NTFB may invite managers and officers of other government authorities, institutions, and organizations able to contribute to trade facilitation initiatives to attend its meetings.

The meetings may also be attended by representatives of the business community, professional chambers and other associations, and academia, as well as by other members of the NTFB’s Expert Groups when issues from their respective remits are under consideration.

Meetings of the NTFB are convened by the Chair of the NTFB or, in their absence, the Vice-Chair.

Meetings are convened in writing; invitations to meetings, together with the proposed agenda and notice of the date and time of the meeting are provided to all members and other invited attendees at least three days before the meeting is due to take place.

If so required by an issue to be considered, meetings may be convened urgently, by telephone, at the latest one day before the meeting is due to take place. In this case invitations and materials will be e-mailed to the participants.