Suggestions and proposals form

Instructions for completing the suggestions and proposals form

Description of the issue

Description of the issue – Provide a brief explanation of where and how the issue occurs, whether it is an isolated or recurring problem, what is the institution in questions, and whether you are aware of any similar issues occurring with other national or foreign authorities

Proposed solution

Proposed solution – Measures you believe would prevent this issue from recurring, including amendments to laws or regulations (bylaws), or changes to how regulations are applied. If amendments to regulations are proposed, indicate examples that could serve as models (indicate similar regulatory framework applied in the Republic of Serbia or internationally)

Optional attachments

Optional attachments – If the issue is evidenced by documents available to the proposer, attach electronic or scanned document

Expert Group

Expert Group – Optional – Please refer to the list of Expert Groups and their competences, and select the Expert Group best matching the issue


Contact – Telephone or e-mail address of a person able to give more information about the issue