Within the work of National Coordination Body for Trade Facilitation, the most important trade facilitation initiatives and activities relate to:

  • Work on establishing a National Single Window,
  • Acceleration of the flow of goods at border crossings,
  • IT connection of institutions in charge of conducting foreign trade,
  • Reducing the duration of import procedures for agricultural and food products,
  • Extension of the Green Corridors mechanism to EU border crossings for medicines and medical equipment
  • Implementation of the program of harmonization and mutual recognition of documents, and other initiatives for trade facilitation for agricultural and food products, envisaged by:
    • Additional Protocol 5 to the CEFTA 2006 Agreement
    • Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Facilitating the Import, Export and Movement of Goods in the Western Balkans concluded between the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Albania
    • The Open Balkans Initiative.

A detailed overview of all activities involved in the framework of this Body can be found on the part of the page related to Expert working groups.